1800 Litre Underground Rainwater Tank

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This 1800 litre underground rainwater tank is specifically designed to store rainwater.

However, because it is available as a potable or non-potable water tank it can be used for a multitude of water storage solutions.  For example, storing water from wells and springs, etc.

Thanks to its high-strength, ribbed design it allows for environmentally friendly pea-gravel backfills.

In most installations, it eliminates the need for any concrete to be used.

Because it has a low profile design, the dig depth is much lower than when installing other underground rainwater tanks.

It has a 10-year warranty, free UK mainland delivery and it is made in Britain.

We like these water tanks so much so that we use them with our rainwater harvesting systems.


Optional Extras

This 1800 litre underground rainwater tank can be supplied as either a potable or non-potable water tank.

It is supplied as a bare tank. This means it is unfitted (without a telescopic neck, tank cover/lid or inlets/outlets, etc).

However, you can have it supplied with a telescopic tank neck and lid kit and /or a calmed inlet kit.


Telescopic Tank Neck And Lid Kit

The push-fit telescopic tank neck and lid option. Which is extendable by up to 300mm and can be tilted up to 5 degrees.

This kit incorporates the telescopic neck, neck seal and pedestrian rated or vehicle rated tank lid.


Calmed Inlet And Drainage Kit

Also available for this tank, is a pre-fitted calmed inlet and drainage kit that incorporates; a 3P PF filter suitable for roof areas up to 200M2, DN100 drainage pipe and DN100 push-fit drainage connections.

The 3P filter is pre-installed into the neck of the tank, where is it joined to the also pre-fitted DN100 drainage pipe.

The 3P filter removes leaves, grit and other debris from the incoming water to approximately 1mm. Finer particles form a “scum layer” which is washed away during overflow.

The filter is easy to clean and there are no consumables, just lift, rinse and replace.


If you require any additional components with your underground rainwater tank, that we don’t have listed or if you require any further information please contact us. We will be happy to help!

Water Tank Specifications

  • Capacity litres:  1800
  • Length mm:  2080
  • Width mm:  1260
  • Height mm:  1250
  • Access entry mm: 600
  • Weight kg:  75
  • Material: Polyethylene

Key Features

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Large stock ready for quick dispatch
  • Made from virgin polyethylene
  • High strength ribbed design
  • Eliminates the need for concrete in most installations
  • Shallow dig depth compared to traditional tanks
  • 600mm access entry
  • Optional in-tank filters and pedestrian lid with an adjustable telescopic neck
  • Potable or non-potable tank option

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