Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Complete above ground rainwater harvesting systems.

Chosen by professionals and homeowners alike. Ideal for storing rainwater for an allotment or storing water for a hand carwash.  These rainwater harvesting kits have a multitude of uses.

A wide selection of tanks to choose from made of high-quality PE (Polyethylene) from 800-Litre to 4000-Litre capacity.

The rainwater tanks have an average wall thickness of  8mm and a shock-weight of 36kg.

They are Inter-linkable via 3/4” BSP Metal threads. So if you find you need to store more rainwater in the future you can simply link another tank.

Quality pumps that are safe, quiet running and economical to run.

Our above ground rainwater harvesting systems include; the rainwater tank, water pump, water filter collector, tank to pump connector and if necessary the tank to tank connector(s).

We also have a great selection of rainwater butts, rainwater tanks for garden use, underground rainwater tanks, underground rainwater harvesting systems for garden use and domestic rainwater harvesting systems.