Alana Water Butt 160L

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The Alana’s unique and stunning surface design makes this rainwater butt really impressive.

The integrated planting space at the top is approximately 27cm deep.

Therefore allowing for gravel or stones at the base of the chamber for drainage (if required).

Available in three stunning colour finishes:

  • Slate
  • Grey Granite
  • Taupe

The Granite finish has a subtle fleck in the colour which is truly beautiful. All of the Alana Water Butts are made of high-quality PE (Polyethylene), so the quality finish will not fade or crack over time. The water butts have a high wall thickness (an average of 6mm).

It comes with two metal threaded ports. One is positioned on the front of the tank for the metal tap ( included ) the other is positioned on the side at the base of the water butt which can be used as a drainage port or to connect two water butts together.


Good To Know…

The Alana is a sealed water butt, so you cannot access the inside of the water butt to either tighten a back nut (when fitting a rainwater diverter) or for occasional cleaning.

We therefore highly recommend the 3P Filter Collector’ when connecting your water butt to your downpipe to ensure that leaves, grit and other debris are filtered out before the rainwater is diverted into the water butt. Available to purchase from the dropdown menu above.

Looking for something a bit bigger than the Alana water butt?

We supply a wide range of above ground rainwater harvesting systems, as well.

Additional information


Capacity – litres: 160
Height – mm: 1160
Diameter Max – mm: 550
Diameter Min (Base) – mm: 410
Connection points: 2 x 3/4" BSP brass threaded ports

Key Features

3 colours available – Slate, Grey Granite and Taupe
Unique surface design giving it a stunning finish
Metal tap
Integrated planter deep enough to add gravel or stone for drainage
Front-facing metal threaded screw-in tap connection point
Side metal threaded outlet for draining or connecting to another water butt
Water can be extracted through an attached tap or using the side outlet
The water butt can be filled using a 3P Filter Collector supplied as an optional extra from our Water Butt Accessories page

Accessories Included

Metal tap with chrome finish (3/4")
Multi hole-saw set
Rubber grommets
Wall fixing bracket & screws

Water Butt Colour

Slate, Grey Granite, Taupe

Rainwater Harvesting Service & Maintenance

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