Booster Sets and Break Tanks

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They are delivered to site, wired, programmed, tested and ready to install!

Our range of booster set and break tanks are available as CAT 5 and CAT 4. They are built with industry-leading WRAS approved pumps, WRAS approved GRP break tanks and variable speed pump controllers.

Furthermore, they incorporate stainless steel fittings, a brass nickel-plated ball valve all assembled on a custom made powder-coated base plate.

As a result of their quality components, they have a long trouble-free service life.

booster set and break tanks diagram

The Booster Pumps

water pump

With quality in mind, they are complete with state-of-the-art WRAS approved pumps that are built to last. Manufactured with thick sheet metal casing, high-quality bearings, and stainless steel guarantee a long service life.

Thanks to its premium build quality, the pump has a low noise level (even at peak performance) a compact design and is extremely energy efficient, giving you much lower operating costs.

The Variable Speed Pump Controller

eseries pressure inverter 1

To give the booster sets excellent energy efficiency, each booster pump incorporates an E-Series variable speed pump controller. The purpose of the pump controller is to continually vary the pump motor speed to match the changing flow demand pattern, whilst maintaining constant system pressure.

This mode of operation, adjusting the pump’s motor speed to the building’s flow requirements, reduces the power consumption and extends the pump’s life dramatically.

The pump controller is mounted in the discharge pipework. The body is constructed from a techno-polymer suitable for potable water applications.

It has an LCD display to indicate system overview and operating parameters. Complete with dry running, over temperature and over current protection and alarms.

The Break Tanks

Break Tanks And Booster Sets

Our break tanks are manufactured to BS 13280:2001 standard using high-quality glass reinforced polyester (GRP) resins.

They come with 25mm of encapsulated foam insulation and an 18mm thick encapsulated plywood baseboard.

The tanks are WRAS approved and fully CAT 5 compliant complete with type AB air gap back-flow prevention.

They are fitted with a raised chamber and 1″ equilibrium ball valve and drop arm.

Fluid Category

Our booster sets and break tanks are CAT 5 compliant. However, they can be supplied to comply with different fluid categories, such as CAT 4 at your request.

Delivery To Site

Our booster set and break tanks are delivered to site on a pallet with a large delivery lorry (average dimensions, length 10.5 meters x width 2.5meters x height 4 meters).

However, if your delivery access is restricted and/or isn’t suitable to accept a large lorry. Please contact us to have your booster set delivered on a smaller vehicle for an additional cost.

In both cases, the system will be delivered on a pallet to the curbside. It is the customer’s responsibility to move the system from this point to where it will be installed/stored.

We also supply single pumptwin pump, triple pump booster sets.

Which Booster Set is right for you?

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