Booster Sets

A wide selection of cold water booster sets. single pump, twin pump, triple pump with our without break tank.

What do they do?

They are designed to increase the pressure and flow of the water services within a building where the current incoming mains or feed tank is not supplying acceptable water pressure and or flow.


The pressure pumps

WRAS approved pumps. Our multiple pump, cold water booster sets are arranged for operation as duty pump, with assist or standby pumps, this can

be up to three pumps.

All are programmed to run in a staged cascade operation as the flow demand increases and similarly as demand decreases.

The Pump Controller

The incorporated ESERIES pump controller continually varies the water pump motor speed to match the changing flow demand pattern, whilst

maintaining a constant system duty pressure.

This mode of operation, adjusting the pump’s motor speed to the building’s flow requirements, reduces the power consumption and extends the pump life dramatically.

The Break Tanks

WRAS approved break tanks with raised ball valve chamber.

They comply with the UK water supply regulations 1999 and have been tested and approved by WRAS. Our tanks are manufactured to BS13280:2001 standard using high-quality glass reinforced polyester (GRP) or polyethylene.

Which Booster Set is right for you?

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