Calpeda Pump GXRM9GF

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The Calpeda Pump GXRM9GF with a magnetic float.

Stainless Steel, durable, portable submersible pump for emptying rainwater tanks, drains, domestic flood water and residential sumps. Professional EU manufacture.

Suitable for complete submersion and pumping clean or dirty water with particles up to 10mm grain size.

Maximum head of 9m and a maximum flow of around 160 litres per minute.

Comes with 10m cable and 3-pin plug.

The Magnetic Float version is perfect for confined spaces where a regular float switch cannot move or would become entangled.


●  Full chrome-nickel steel AISI304 construction

●  Clean water containing small particles up to 10mm grain size

●  Open single impeller in chrome-nickel steel

●  Automatic with float() or magnetic float (GF) and Manual (SG) versions

●  Suitable for domestic flooding, emptying tanks & extraction of clean water, basic low lift rainwater systems

Rainwater Harvesting Service & Maintenance

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