Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

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We can design a system to meet your exact requirements. Or choose one of our "off-the-shelf" systems.


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Whether you have purchased a system from us, or elsewhere we can commission your equipment.

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Why our commercial rainwater harvesting systems?

We can design a system to your exact requirements or you can simply buy one of our “off-the-shelf “ systems with a few clicks.

3-Year Warranty

To show how confident we are in our product, we offer a 3-year warranty against defective parts, on all of our commercial systems.

That’s three times the industry standard!

The only qualifying requirement for this is that we commission and service the system.

Energy Efficient

All of our commercial systems use inverter drive technologies, which apply only the necessary amount of power to the pump(s) to meet the demands.

This technology extends pump service life and reduces power consumption by up to 60%.

Installation Support

We are more than happy to communicate with your installer(s) every step of the way.

Our customers find this support invaluable at helping prevent costly installation errors and operating issues in the future.

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Good For Business?

Yes! Commercial rainwater harvesting systems make a great deal of environmental and financial sense for businesses on many levels.
Our systems can save a massive amount of water due to the large collection areas and high water usage requirements of a commercial building.

Up to 80% of commercial mains water can be replaced by rainwater harvesting!

commercial rainwater harvesting

How Our Systems Work?


Collecting The Rainwater

During rainfall, rainwater that has fallen on the roof of your building is supplied by gravity to the storage tank via a pipe network and filter system. Rainwater passes through the integrated filter removing large particles, such as leaves, twigs, etc. before entering the tank.

Delivering The Rainwater

Once the rainwater is in the tank it is then pumped to the point of use with a submersible pump(s) situated in the tank which is controlled by one of three systems: direct pressure, in-direct pressure or boosted pressure system. 

boosted pressure commercial rainwater harvesting systems
10000 litre underground water tank

Managing The Rainwater

If there has been more rain than needed and the tank is at capacity, an overflow system is engaged and the excess water is piped by gravity to the storm drain via a one-way valve to prevent contamination in the tank.
Vice versa, if there hasn’t been much rainfall and your tank is running low then the control switch system is engaged and mains water is introduced into the tank, but only the minimum required. Thus leaving maximum capacity to receive the next rainfall.
These techniques keep your system running smoothly.

Healthy Rainwater And System

As well as the integrated filter, the overflow system also helps keep the rainwater and system clean by removing the scum layer (tiny particles, etc.) from the water surface in the tank.
These processes, along with a regular system service will keep the tank(s) and the entire system as healthy as possible and have your system running at optimal performance, always!

urinals flushed with rainwater

Control Types

Controls for commercial rainwater harvesting systems are generally bespoke; designed and sized to reflect the demands of the building in which they are installed. There are however three specific types of rainwater harvesting system.

Direct Pressure

On demand water is supplied directly to the point of use by a submersible pump(s) under pressure.

In-Direct Pressure

Rainwater is collected as with the direct pressure system, but the rainwater is pumped to a storage tank mounted at height (usually a roof space), from where it feeds by gravity to the point of use.

Boosted Pressure

Similar to the indirect system, but with the storage tank mounted at a lower level and then pumped to the point of use.

inverter driven pump controls

Inverter-Driven Pumps

All of our commercial systems use inverter-driven pump controls as standard.

This technology gradually engages the pump(s), applying only the necessary amount of power to meet the demands of the system. Likewise, as demand decreases, the control system gradually disengages the pump(s). 

Think of it like a Scalectrix controller, squeezing the trigger harder to make the car go faster. Gradually release the trigger to slow it down.

This has two main benefits over fixed speed controllers:

It greatly extends pump life and reduces power consumption by up to 60%.


Our systems can be supplied with a telemetrics system. This technology enables the control panel to communicate via text message or email any faults which may occur with the system. Such as under/overpressure, excess pump starts, etc.

The telemetrics can also enable remote control of the system via the use of a smartphone app (Android only).


Water Tanks

Our storage tanks come in two varieties for or commercial rainwater harvesting systems, either above or below ground.

Depending on the application and size, our tanks are made from durable Polyethylene (PE) or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).

Underground PE Tanks

From 1,800 litres up to 10,000 litres, our underground storage tanks are made from polyethylene. All are shallow dig, with only the footprint increasing with size.

1000 litre underground water tank
GRP underground rainwater tank for commercial rainwater harvesting systems

Underground GRP Tanks

From 10,000 litres up to 100,000 litres, our underground storage tanks are manufactured in GRP and sized specifically for each installation.

Above Ground PE Tanks

Our above-ground polyethylene storage tanks can be as large as 20,000 litres and then linked to form batteries of multiple tanks totalling hundreds of thousands of litres.

Above Ground Rainwater Tank 20000 Litre

Above Ground GRP Tanks

Large above-ground tanks manufactured from GRP can also be supplied as sectional tanks, which are built on-site to a prefabricated design. This type of tank is ideally suited for internal installations, such as basements or plant rooms.

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