Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Have you ever asked yourself why on earth are we going to all of the effort and environmental impact to purify water to drinking quality then flush it down the toilet? It boggles the mind! If you put that on a commercial level, some might say that it’s crazy!
A commercial rainwater harvesting system will collect the rainwater that has fallen on the building’s roof, filter it and pump it to your toilets, urinals, vehicle wash facility, etc. So we can conserve the mains water for better use. Unsure of which system is correct for your installation, please fill in the form below and we will let you know.

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Choice of two types of system

The Rainbox Combi System

Collected rainwater is pumped from the underground storage tank via a submersible pump to a low-level break tank situated in the building.
From here, rainwater is pumped from the break tank via the booster pump system to the points of use, toilets, urinals, etc.

Combi/Boosted commercial rainwater harvesting system diagram

The Rainbox Gravity System

As with the Rainbox Combi system, rainwater is pumped from the underground storage tank via a submersible pump.
The difference with the Rainbox Gravity is, rainwater is pumped to a high-level header tank, which will need to be installed, in the building’s loft/attic, mezzanine, etc.
From here, the rainwater flows by gravity (hence the name gravity-fed/ system) to the toilets, urinals, etc.
If your building does not have a high-level space for a header tank, then the Rainbox combi system would be the system for you.

gravity-fed commercial rainwater harvesting system

Good For Business?

Yes! Commercial rainwater harvesting systems make a great deal of environmental and financial sense for businesses on many levels.
Our systems can save a massive amount of water due to the large collection areas and high water usage requirements of a commercial building.

Up to 80% of commercial mains water can be replaced by rainwater harvesting!

commercial rainwater harvesting

How Our Systems Work?


Collecting The Rainwater

During rainfall, rainwater that has fallen on the roof of your building is supplied by gravity to the storage tank via a pipe network and filter system. Rainwater passes through the integrated filter removing large particles, such as leaves, twigs, etc. before entering the tank.

Delivering The Rainwater

Once the rainwater is in the tank it is then pumped by the submersible pump in the storage tank to either the header tank (if using the Rainbox Gravity) or the break tank booster system (if using the Rainbox Combi). Form here it is pumped or fed by gravity (depending on the system ) to the points of use.

boosted pressure commercial rainwater harvesting systems
10000 litre underground water tank

Managing The Rainwater

If there has been more rain than needed and the tank is at capacity, an overflow system is engaged and the excess water is piped by gravity to the storm drain via a one-way valve to prevent contamination in the tank.
Vice versa, if there hasn’t been much rainfall and your tank is running low then the control switch system is engaged and mains water is introduced into the tank, but only the minimum required. Thus leaving maximum capacity to receive the next rainfall.
These techniques keep your system running smoothly.

Healthy Rainwater And System

As well as the integrated filter, the overflow system also helps keep the rainwater and system clean by removing the scum layer (tiny particles, etc.) from the water surface in the tank.
These processes, along with a regular system service will keep the tank(s) and the entire system as healthy as possible and have your system running at optimal performance, always!

urinals flushed with rainwater

Water Tanks

GRP underground rainwater tank for commercial rainwater harvesting systems

Underground GRP Tanks

With our systems, you have the option to have a 6000, 8000, 10000, 12000, 14000, 16000-litre  GRP underground water tank.

Header Tanks
(Gravity-Fed System)

With the Gravity-Fed  system, you can choose either a  500, 1000, 1500, 2000-litre GRP header tank.

500 Litre Header Tank

Which system is right for you?

Just fill the form with as much information as you can and we will be in touch