Domestic Sewage Pumping Station, 300-Litre

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A complete domestic sewage pumping station with a 300-litre chamber and 50mm (2″) vortex or macerator pump.

Chamber Dimensions:  610mm Diameter x 1000mm Depth

Designed for an easy and trouble-free installation.

Our 300-litre domestic sewage pumping station is delivered to site as a complete package, including all internal pipework, fittings and a sewage pump. It is used where gravity drainage isn’t possible.

It is designed to collect sewage / grey water and pump it into the main sewer. Ideal for collecting foul water from a W.C, utility room, etc.


The Chamber

300-litre underground storage tank, complete with a pedestrian rated cover and anti floatation flange. Manufactured in high-grade polyethylene.

Inside the tank, there is the vortex or macerator pump complete with float switch; the pre-installed 50mm (2″) PVC pipework and none return valve.

The tank has a 40mm cable duct designed to accept 40mm standard low-pressure push-fit pipe.

A 110mm inlet seal is provided with the tank; however, the 110mm inlet itself has to be drilled on-site by the installer.

The discharge pipe is terminated outside the tank in a 50mm (2″) BSP male thread. Designed to accept:

  • 50mm (2″) standard solvent weld discharge pipe (not included).
  • 50mm (2″) to 63mm MDPE compression pipe fitting (not included) to enable connection to 63mm flexi pipe.


The Sewage Pump

This sewage pumping station has three pump options:

  • Vortex 6-meter lift, 50mm (2″) solids handling capacity
  • Vortex 10-meter lift, 50mm (2″) solids handling capacity
  • Macerator 16-meter lift, 50mm (2″) solids handling capacity

All of the pumps in these systems are heavy-duty and made to last. Built with cast iron pump casings and stainless steel motor housings. They are coolant filled with mechanical seals. Complete with a float switch and 10 meters of cable.

We Also Supply mini and jumbo sewage pumping stations.

Additional information

Key Features

Complete system ready to install
Fast and free delivery
Easy to install
Underground tank made from high-grade polyethylene
Heavy-duty sewage pump
Includes all internal pipework

Tank/Chamber Specifications

Capacity litres: 300
Depth mm: 1000
Diameter mm: 610
Access opening diameter mm: 450-Ø
Cable duct mm: 40
Material: Polyethylene
Allows for one or two 110mm(4") inlet(s) (to be drilled on-site)
Pedestrian rated lid included

Vortex Pump Specifications

Type: Vortex Sewage Pump
Max Lift (Metres): 6 or 10
Max Flow (L/min): 330 or 474
Solids Handling Capacity mm: 50 (2")
Out-Let mm: 50 (2")
Supply Voltage: 230v-1ph-50hz
Motor P2 (kW): 0.37 or 0.55
Full Load Current (Amps): 4.2 or 5.5
Power (HP): 0.5 or 0.75
Electric cable (Meters): 10
Construction : Cast iron/stainless steel
Coolant Filled Motor
Mechanical Seal
Float Switch Included

Macerator Pump Specifications

Type: Macerator Sewage Pump
Max Lift (Metres): 16
Max Flow (L/min):108
Solids Handling Capacity mm: 50 (2")
Out-Let mm: 50 (2")
Supply Voltage: 230v-1ph-50hz
Electric cable (Meters): 10
Construction : Cast iron/stainless steel
Float Switch Included

System Includes

Sewage pump 50mm (2") solids handling capacity
Underground storage tank/chamber 300-litre capacity
Pedestrian rated lid 450mm-Ø
Internal pipework 50mm (2")
Non-return valve 50mm (2")
One inlet seal 110mm (4") (supplied loose as the inlet has to be drilled on-site)

Pump Option

6-Meter Vortex Pump, 10-Meter Vortex Pump, Macerator Pump

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