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Ebara 2GPE Matrix 3-6T/0.9 ESPM, Twin Pump Booster Set

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The Ebara 2GPE Matrix 3-6T/0.9 ESPM is a complete twin pump cold water booster set, variable speed, constant pressure.

Typical mid curve duty is 100 L/Min @ 4.8 bar.

Before shipping, all Ebara booster sets are subject to hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical testing.

The Ebara 2GPE Matrix 3-6T/0.9 ESPM cold water pressure booster set incorporates two Ebara WRAS approved pumps, two E-SPD air-cooled inverters, two 8-litre pressure vessels, brass nickel-plated ball valves, stainless steel manifolds and fittings, and a galvanised steel base plate.

They stand out for their robust construction, compact size, excellent efficiency, and silent operation.

It is designed for situations in which a municipal water supply is lacking or insufficient for the proper operation of the services.

This booster set is designed to be used wherever there is a need to increase the mains water pressure, or to pressurise a water circuit.

The Ebara 2GPE Matrix 3-6T/0.9 ESPM is an automatic system with 2 pumps operating in parallel, designed to provide a simple and reliable solution to the most common requirements for maintenance of water supply pressure for apartment buildings, hotels, shopping centres, offices, and schools as well as providing auxiliary service in industrial and agricultural applications.


The Booster Pumps

With their renowned robustness and excellent build quality, the Ebara Matrix multistage centrifugal pump will go the distance.

They have various certifications including the WRAS approval and DM174 which make them suitable for drinking water.

The pump body and impeller a made with AISI 304 stainless steel to make them highly corrosion-resistant. They are suitable for multiple uses in both the industrial and residential sectors.

The Pump Controllers

The E-SPD is an air-cooled inverter, which is installed directly on the pump, designed to control the start and stop of the pump based on the setpoint of the system’s pressure. It offers high energy savings and reduced noise levels, along with operating costs.

variable speed pump controllers continually vary the pump’s motor speeds to match the changing flow demand pattern, whilst maintaining constant system pressure. This mode of operation, adjusting the pumps’ motor speeds to the building’s flow requirements, reduces the power consumption, and extends the pumps’ life dramatically.

Good To Know…

This booster set must be installed under cover, protected from the weather and freezing.

• Conveyed water temperature 0 – 50°C (depending on pumps).

• Ambient operating temperature 0 – 40°C, no higher than 1000 m above sea level.

• Max relative humidity 50% at +40°C.

Looking for a twin pump booster set with a break tank?

Key Features


  • WRAS approved Ebara Matrix pumps
  • EBARA E-SPD inverter drives
  • 2 x 8-litre pressure vessel
  • Brass nickel-plated ball valves
  • Stainless steel manifold and fittings
  • Durable galvanised steel base plate
  • Dry run, over-temperature, and over-current protection
  • All wired, tested, and programmed prior dispatch

Specifications, Single-Phase

  • Max Flow (L/min):  160
  • Max Head (Metres):  68
  • In-Let: 1-1/2”
  • Out-Let: 1-1/2”
  • Supply Voltage: 230v-1ph-50hz
  • Motor P2 (kW) : 2 x 0.9
  • HP: 2 x 1.2
2GPE MATRIX 3 6 E SPD MT pump curve
2GPE MATRIX 3 6 E SPD MT pump curve