Mac 3, E-Control, Electronic Pump Pressure Controller

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The E-Control electronic pump pressure controller. Pump control for pressure boosting by flow detection.

  • 1” (25mm) BSP In-Line Fitting
  • Any Orientation Installation
  • Single Phase
  • Clean Water Only
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Monitors Flow and Pressure
  • Pump Anti-Lock/Anti-Blocking Cycle
  • IP65


How Does It Work?

Mac3 E-Control is an electronic pressure and flow monitoring pump controller. Pump starting is by pressure/flow sensing and the pump is stopped by flow sensing. When either water flow or a pressure drop is detected, the E-Control activates the pump to maintain pressure in the system until it detects that the flow has stopped then it deactivates the pump.

The restart pressure can be adjusted from the factory default of 1.5 bar by using a dial on the back of the device. This allows the installer to set the restart pressure to anywhere within the range of 0.8 – 2.2 bar.

E-Control can control a single phase pump of up to 2 Hp (1.5kW).

E-Control is mounted on-pipe with a 1” (25mm) threaded male connector, and can be mounted in any orientation as the installation or surroundings require. A pressure vessel is recommended and this should be installed in the discharge pipe after the controller.

E-Control also features dry run protection with a warning light on the control panel to show if there is a system error. Also featured is a ‘Anti-lock’ feature. This anti-lock feature prevents a pump from becoming blocked by starting the pump once every 24 hours, preventing small amounts of sediment from settling inside the pump and causing it to fail, and rotating the shaft ensuring adequate lubrication of the seals.

Dry-run protection is achieved by flow sensing. This will protect the pump from running continuously in the event that there is no water present, the pump becomes blocked, or the discharge pipework becomes disconnected from the outlet of the pump. In the event of a dry-run, E-Control will shut down the pump and illuminate a warning light until the user intervenes and resets the system.

Technical Information









In-Line, 1” (25mm) Male BSP

Working Pressure

1.5 – 8 bar

Restart Pressure

0.8 – 2 bar

Min. Differential Pressure

1.5 bar

Minimum Flow

0.5 l/min

Maximum Flow

120 l/min

Maximum Overpressure

12 bar

Operating Temperature

0°C – 50°C

Liquid Temperature

1°C – 40°C

Liquid Type

Clean Water – No Solids – pH 5 – 9

Ingress Protection



Supply Voltage

220-240Vac 50-60Hz Single Phase

Pump Power

1.5kW (2 Hp)

Pump Current


Dry Run Protection


Rainwater Harvesting Service & Maintenance

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