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Mac 3, HydroController, Solar, Programmable Pump Inverter

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The Mac 3 HydroController Solar is an air-cooled inline programmable pump inverter.  Variable-speed inverter designed for use with off-grid solar installations.

  • Varies Pump Speed to Match Demand or Available Solar Energy
  • No Battery Storage Needed
  • Models Available to Control Three Phase Pumps up to 11kW
  • Input Voltage 250 – 800 VDC connect directly to solar panels
  • Ideal for Remote Agricultural and Borehole pumps
  • Programmable Operating Parameters
  • Built-in Pump Protection (Dry Run, Over/Under Voltage, Low System Pressure, Output Over-Voltage)
  • Air Cooled Wall Mounted Design

How Does It Work?

Mac3 HydroController Solar are a range of inverters / variable frequency drives for use with off-grid solar power systems. Developed from Mac3 HydoController inverters, HydroController Solar is suitable for use with ordinary 230VAC and 400VAC three phase water pumps. Single-phase pumps are not supported.

It adjusts the speed of the pump to match demand in the same way as the original HydroController. Additionally, the speed will be varied if necessary to match the available power from the solar panels, continuously using all available solar energy until the required system pressure is reached. All of the operating parameters are customisable through the onboard interface with an LCD display.

If this unit is to be installed with a cable length of more than 20 meters between the HydroController and a pump, it is advisable that a Mac3 ACL Filter is added to eliminate harmonics created by high-frequency reflectance in long cable lengths. Please ask when ordering to discuss if this would be necessary for a particular project.

Electrical Specifications

Electrical Specifications


Voltage Input

Phase Current

Pump Voltage

Max Pump Power


150 – 400VDC


~3 230VAC (Delta)

2.2Kw (3hp)


300 – 750VDC


~3 400VAC (Wye)



4Kw (5.5hp)



5.5Kw (7.5hp)



7.5Kw (10hp)



11Kw (15hp)

Technical Specifications

HydroController Solar Spes