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Mac 3, HydroController, Water Cooled, Programmable Pump Inverter

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The Mac 3 HydroController is a water-cooled inline Programmable pump inverter.  A variable-speed inverter to suit a wide variety of applications.

  • Varies Pump Speed to Match Demand
  • Controls Pumps up to 11kw
  • Single Phase Only, Three Phase Only and Single Phase to Three Phase Models Available
  • Programmable Operating Parameters
  • Built-In Pump Protection (Dry Run, over/under Voltage, Low System Pressure, Output over-voltage)
  • Energy Saving
  • Programmable Restart Pressure
  • Water Cooled
  • In-line Fitting
  • Can Be Linked with 7 Other Pumps with HydroController Units via Integrated CanBus Interface (Adv version only)
  • Automatically Assigns Another “Master” Controller if Original Fails (Adv version only)

How Does It Work?

Mac3 HydroController series is a family of inverters (variable frequency drives), designed for controlling water pumps. Depending on the requirements, a selection of models are available to meet a variety of needs.

HydroController is available in two physical configurations:

• HCW is a water-cooled unit, mounted onto the installation pipes through the use of the built-in 11⁄4” female BSP mountings. This unit contains a built-in pressure sensor and flow meter.

• HCA is an air-cooled unit Click Here, wall-mounted near the point of installation. An external pressure sensor is supplied and is connected to the water pipes. This allows for the HydroController to be installed away from the pump, for convenience.

All of the operating parameters are customisable through the onboard interface with an LCD display.

HydroController is supplied with either Standard (Std) or Advanced (Adv) capabilities.

HydroController Standard

This controller is designed to control a single pump and optionally an additional fixed speed pump.

HydoController Advanced

The Advanced models can communicate with up to eight other Pumps with HydroControllers via a CANbus, a robust multi-master serial interface with high immunity to interference.

The Multimaster mode allows the Advanced units to self-appoint the role of ‘Master’. Should the current master unit develop a fault, the master role will be taken by another unit and the system can continue to function as intended. This greatly improves fault tolerance and reduces maintenance and costs.

The Advanced (Adv) model also features 2 extra output relays and 2 auxiliary digital (switch) inputs which can be configured to suit varying needs as required.

It is designed to be compatible with Mac3 Multipress, allowing the system to function with a commercial irrigation controller.

Various power ratings and mains electrical configurations are available and divided into 3 voltage types, indicated in the product code with the following letters.

MM – Single-phase 230VAC supply controlling a single-phase 230VAC pump.

MT – Single-phase 230VAC supply controlling a three-phase 230VAC pump

TT – Three-phase 400VAC supply controlling a 3 phase 400VAC pump

If this unit is to be installed with a cable length of more than 20 meters between the HydroController and a pump, it is advisable that a Mac3 ACL Filter is added to eliminate harmonics created by high-frequency reflectance in long cable lengths. Please ask when ordering to discuss if this would be necessary for a particular project.

HydroController Models

HydroController Models

MM Std/Adv Specifications

MM specs

MT Std/Adv Specifications

MT specs

TT Std/Adv Specifications

TT Specs