Mac 3, PresSystem, Advanced Electronic Pressure Controller

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The PresSystem advanced electronic pressure controller. Fixed speed pressure control with adjustable pressure.

  • No Valves or Flow Restriction
  • Simple In-Line Mounting
  • User Programmable
  • Start/Stop Pressure Control
  • Fixed Speed, Variable Pressure
  • Dual Voltage Capability
  • Dry Run Protection (Pressure Control and/or Float Switch)
  • CosPhi Protection Option

How Does It Work?

Mac3 PresSystem is a single-phase fixed speed variable pressure controller.

Variable pressure is achieved by allowing the user to set both the start and stop pressure of the pump. This also avoids the need to run the pump to the end of its pressure curve producing substantial efficiency gains and reduced run time.

Dry run protection is achieved by pressure monitoring, and additionally, a float switch input allows pre-emptive dry run protection to be implemented.

It is intended for use in clean water with no solids between pH 5 – 9.

PresSystem is designed to operate in either Automatic or Pressure Switch mode.

In Automatic mode, it will determine automatic pressure settings for the pump by running for 40 seconds upon the first startup.

In Pressure Switch mode, the start pressure, stop pressure and dry run pressure can be adjusted as desired to suit the needs of a particular installation.

The innovative use of a recessed pressure sensor eliminates losses associated with more basic pressure controllers.

The ability to operate with 2 pressure points instead of just the restart pressure means a pump can be run below the peak of its efficiency curve, and with a suitably sized pressure vessel will achieve efficiencies much nearer to that of an inverter than of a typical fixed speed system.

Pump motor and bearing life are improved, reducing maintenance intervals and cost of ownership, and at much lower initial cost than any variable speed solution.

Technical Information


Width, Length, Height: 170mm, 230mm, 82mm

Weight: 0.6 Kg

Material – Body: Polypropylene

Material – Pipe: Stainless 304

Mounting: In-Line, Vertical or Horizontal

Inlet: 1” BSPT Male

Outlet Fitting: 1” BSPT Male

Operational Pressure: 1.5 – 8 Bar

Max System Pressure: 20 Bar

Maximum Flow: 120 L/min


Power Supply: 230 Vac / 117 Vac

Pump Power Supply: 230 Vac / 117 Vac

Pump Current: 8 Amp

Maximum Pump Power: 1.5 kw (2 h.p) at 230Vac 0.75 kw (1       h.p) at 117Vac

Display: LED Multi-Segment Display

Keypad:  Membrane

Pressure Control: Variable

Pressure adjustment: Digital via control panel

Fault detection: Yes

Pump Protection: Dry Running (Pressure Control or Float Switch) or CosPhi, Pressure Control as an Optional extra

Pressure Sensing: Integrated Pressure Sensor (Replaceable Unit)

Level Control

Level Sensing: Float Switch

Environmental Limits

Liquid Conditions: Clean Water, No Solids, pH 5 – 9

Water Temperature: 1 – 40oC

Operating Temperature: 5 – 50oC

Ingress Protection Rating: IP50

Rainwater Harvesting Service & Maintenance

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