Mac 3, Super Simplex E, Electronic Pump Controller

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The Super Simplex E – Electronic pump controller. Adjustable pump pressure controller with dry run protection.

  • 1” (25mm) BSP In-Line Fitting
  • Simple Installation
  • Single Phase
  • Clean Water Only
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Automatic Restart (15 Minute Intervals)
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting

How Does It Work?

Mac3 Super Simplex E is an adjustable electronic pump pressure controller. This model uses pressure and flow sensing to decide when to run the pump.

By simply using the large dial, the restart pressure of the controller can be adjusted as required. When it determines that the pressure had dropped below the restart pressure, the pump will be activated. Once the flow has stopped it deactivates the pump.

This controller can control a single-phase pump of up to 2 Hp (1.5kW).

It is mounted on-pipe with a 1” (25mm) threaded male connector on the input side and a female connector on the output, allowing it to be mounted either vertically or horizontally as required. The male connector also houses a removable mesh filter.

Super Simplex E features dry run protection with a warning light on the control panel to indicate a fault.

This unit is designed for use with clean water only.

Technical Information



Calcium Filled Polypropylene / ABS






In-Line, 1” (25mm) BSP (Male in, Female out)

Working Pressure

1.5 – 8 bar

Maximum Overpressure

12 bar

Restart Pressure

0.8 – 2 bar

Minimum Differential Pressure

1.5 bar

Maximum Flow

100 lt/min

Operating Temperature

0°C – 50°C

Liquid Type

Clean Water

Ingress Protection



Supply Voltage

230Vac 50Hz Single Phase

Supply Voltage To Pump

1x 230Vac 50Hz Single Phase

Pump Power

1.5kW (2 Hp)

Pump Current


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