Rainwater Harvesting System Service And Maintenance

Which systems do we work on?

commercial rainwater harvesting service and maintenance

We offer rainwater harvesting system service and maintenance along with rainwater harvesting repairs for any make or model of commercial or domestic system.

From a one time call out to a full system maintenance package, we have you covered!

Does your water storage tank need a clean? We also offer a water tank cleaning service.

We work with homeowners, hotels, property management companies, councils, schools, farms, bus depots, and many other organisations across the UK.

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Rainwater Harvesting System Service And Maintenance

Minimise your system's down time.
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rainwater harvesting repairs

It is imperative that rainwater harvesting systems are serviced regularly. 

Most systems will need a semi-annual or, at the very least, an annual service with a storage tank cleaning once every 2 to 5 years.

Lack of regular service and maintenance of your rainwater equipment will result in tens of thousands of litres of rainwater being put to waste.

How much does it cost?

The price for service and maintenance visits and packages varies depending on the type of system you have.

Please contact us to discuss your service and maintenance needs.

Rainwater Filtration

As part of a rainwater harvesting system service and maintenance visit, the pre-tank, inline, and UV filtration (if fitted) with your system will be inspected and cleaned. This is paramount for a healthy rainwater harvesting system.

For instance, if the system’s filtration isn’t serviced it could lead to severe problems such as flooding, system failure, component failure, system contamination, etc.

Therefore, with regular service and maintenance, major issues can be avoided. The cost of a service and maintenance visit is significantly marginal to the potential costs of a rainwater harvesting system breakdown.

rainwater harvesting vf 1 filter
rainwater harvesting system pump

Rainwater Pumps

It almost goes without saying, a poorly performing pump equals a poorly performing system. Simply put, pumps that are well serviced will give optimum performance.

Pumps along with their controllers, level gauges, suction/discharge fittings, etc. can run into all sorts of problems if not well serviced and maintained. As part of a maintenance visit, these components are inspected for any sign of excessive wear and tear, malfunction, etc.

For example, a malfunctioning level gauge could be enough to make a pump, unnecessarily, turn on/off 100’s of times in a day, causing the pump motor to burn out. Essentially, this would result in needing to purchase a new pump.

Rainwater Control Panels

The control panel is the brains of the system! Control panels come in many shapes and sizes with many different functions, depending on their type and use.

With regular maintenance, the control panel will continue to run your system within its set operational parameters, at optimal performance. 

Also, this is where a lot of the system’s issues can be Identified and rectified at their early stages. Preventing major issues and breakdowns down the line.

rainwater harvesting control panel copy

Rainwater Harvesting Repairs

Whether your system has sprung a leak or shut down, we are available for all types of rainwater harvesting repairs, such as:

clogged rainwater filter
cleaned rainwater filter

Rainwater Harvesting System Refits

If your rainwater harvesting system is continually breaking down and causing issues then, a system refit could be the answer!

rainwater harvesting system control panel fault

If you have an older system that has been faulty in the past and continues to cause problems, then maybe it is time for a system refit.

This would usually entail replacing the majority of the components, such as the filters, submersible pumps, control panel, etc.


We offer free system health checks on commercial rainwater harvesting systems!

Water Tank Cleaning Service

Is your rainwater tank beginning to resemble a septic tank?

water tank cleaning service

Along with regular rainwater harvesting system service and maintenance, rainwater storage tanks should be regularly cleaned too.

Usually they should be cleaned just after installation (before the system is operated), and then once every 2-5 years, depending on use and environment. 

If you are experiencing foul-smelling or discoloured water your tank should be cleaned sooner rather than later to prevent further contamination and possible system errors.

We clean all types of water tanks, from1000-litre to 100,000-litre, above and below ground both commercial and domestic.

From a simple vacuum tanker cleaning to a full confined space (technician inside the tank) tank clean with a photo report.

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting