Gravity Fed Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Gravity fed rainwater harvesting system diagram

Complete gravity fed rainwater harvesting systems. We use industry-leading components with our systems such as DAB pumps and 3P filters to ensure long trouble-free service life.

Our rainwater tanks are made from polyethylene (PE). 

DAB Pumps

We use DAB submersible pumps because they are economical to run, they are a lot less noisy than other pumps and most of all for their outstanding reliability.

3P Technik Filters

In our opinion, the 3P pre tank filters are the best on the market that’s why we use them in our water harvesting systems. They have a robust plastic housing and a stainless steel mesh filter which is easily cleaned without having to replace anything.

Our gravity-fed rainwater harvesting system will include a header tank that has a unique float switch system inside with mains water top-up, which ensure that you are never without water.

If you don’t have space of a header tank. For example, if you don’t have an attic/loft space. Then our direct pressure or suction system may be right for you.