Rustico Water Butt 275L

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The Rustico water butt, with its hand-finished wood grain effect, is ideal for use on wooden decks or in rural gardens.

Attractive deep walnut shade. Removable childproof lid. Best for plunging watering cans. Use of the supplied tap is optional.

It is made of high-quality PE (Polyethylene), so the quality finish will not fade or crack over time. The water butt has a high wall thickness (an average of 6mm).

It comes with a Hi-flow anti-glug plastic tap ¾” and a hole cutter so that you can personally install and fit the tap in a location of your choice if desired. However, care must be taken when cutting the hole to ensure a good seal.


For cleaner water…

We highly recommend the 3P Filter Collector Universal Kit’ when connecting your water butt to your downpipe to ensure that leaves, grit and other debris are filtered out before the rainwater is diverted into the water butt. Available to purchase from the dropdown menu above.



If you need to position your water butt farther away from the downpipe we also recommend a ‘Universal Long Link Kit’ available to purchase from the dropdown menu above.

Looking for something a bit bigger than the Rustico water butt?

We supply a wide range of above ground rainwater harvesting systems, as well.

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Capacity – litres: 275
Height – mm: 1000
Diameter max – mm: 780
Diameter min – mm: 540

Key Features

Hand-finished wood grain effect
Best for plunging watering cans
Child safety lid

Accessories Included

Child safety lid
1 x Hi-flow anti-glug plastic tap ¾"
1 x Hole cutter ¾"

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