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Commercial Rainwater Harvesting System, RainBox Combi

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The “RainBox Combi” is a complete off-the-shelf boosted pressure/combi, commercial rainwater harvesting system.

How does it work?

Rainwater is collected from your roof area; it is then passed through a filter system which removes any large pieces of debris, leaves, etc. and then into the underground storage tank via a calmed inlet which is designed to stop the disturbance of any sediment in the bottom of the tank.

Collected rainwater is pumped from the underground storage tank via a submersible pump to a low-level break tank situated in the building.

From here the rainwater is pumped from the break tank via the booster pump system to the point of use, toilets, urinals, etc.

Too much rain.

Excess rainwater will pass through a siphoned overflow fitted to the tank – to be connected to the storm drain or soakaway.

Not enough rain.

If there has been insufficient rainfall and the storage tank is running low the control system will introduce mains water into the break tank, but only the minimum required. Thus leaving maximum capacity to receive the next rainfall and ensuring there is no interruption of water supplied to the serviced appliances.

Up to 80% of commercial main water can be replaced by rainwater harvesting!


The Rainwater Storage Tank

With this system, you have the option to have a 6000, 8000, 10000, 12000, 14000-litre underground water tank. The tanks are made from robust GRP (requires full concrete surround).

They have two access turrets:

  1. 650mm dia x 500mm High.
  2. 700mm dia x 500mm High.

All tanks come with 2 x pedestrian rated covers.


The Rainwater Filter System

The storage tank is delivered to site with a pre-installed internal filter system, sediment trap, calmed inlet, non-return valve, and overflow.

The filter system is suitable for roof areas up to 2000m2.

The Submersible Pump

The pump is operated automatically by the control system. It delivers approximately 4 bar of pressure and up to 3,500 litres/hr of flow.

Built with corrosion and oxidation resistant material with a wear-resistant motor shaft.

It has dry run and thermal overheating protection and is fitted with a stainless steel debris strainer.


The Break Tank

It has a space-saving design, made from GRP with a 500-litre capacity.

The tank is fully compliant with  AB CAT 5 Airgap specification.


The Booster Pump

A submersible pump that sits inside the break tank. It is made with a thick sheet metal casing, high-quality bearings, and stainless steel. It guarantees a long service life!

Thanks to its premium build quality, the pump has a low noise level (even at peak performance) a compact design and is extremely energy efficient, giving you much lower operating costs.

The Booster Pump Controller

The incorporated E-Series variable speed pump controller continually varies the pump motor speed to match the changing flow demand pattern, whilst maintaining constant system pressure. This mode of operation, adjusting the pump’s motor speed to the building’s flow requirements, reduces the power consumption and extends the pump’s life dramatically.

The pump controller is mounted in the discharge pipework. It has an LCD display to indicate system overview and operating parameters. Complete with dry running, over temperature and over current protection and alarms.

Included In The System

  • GRP Underground storage tank.
  • Internal filter system (in underground tank).
  • 2 x pedestrian rated covers (for underground tank).
  • Submersible pump (for underground tank).
  • GRP break tank.
  • Submersible booster pump (in break tank)
  • Variable-speed inverter-driven pump controls.

Underground Storage Tank Dimensions

  •  6,000L – 1850mm diameter x 2700mm long
  •  8,000L – 1850mm diameter x 3350mm long
  • 10,000L – 1850mm diameter x 4230mm long
  • 12,000L – 1850mm diameter x 5070mm long
  • 14,000L – 1850mm diameter x 5800mm long
  • 16,000L – 1850mm diameter x 6600mm long

Break Tank Dimensions

  • 500-Litre capacity
  • 600mm Wide
  • 1100mm Deep
  • 1775mm High


This system is available with a 3-Year Warranty upon completion of a Total Water System’s system commissioning (available at an additional cost).